Small - Medium Enterprise Business Support

About Us

At SME Support, we assist you by taking the pressure off your financial and compliance requirements, including supporting you in the areas of sourcing Government incentives and WH&S legislation.

We enable you to increase your income by using your skills to increase your turnover.  We will use our skills to provide you with prompt and reliable account management.

Our team has over 50 years’ experience in providing accurate reporting on the financial affairs of organisations, Government and WH&S reporting.  Our clients range from single owner operators, to SME's (Small   Enterprise) to large corporates.

We pride ourselves with strict internal processes to enable us to deliver services with the highest standard of integrity.

Account Management

We understand the need for you to focus on your business, without the additional stress of managing your finances.

AT SME Support we provide accurate and prompt account management support.  We invoice your clients, collect your money and provide you with all of the financial reports that give you the information required to run your business.

We believe that by using SME Support, your time will be freed to enable you to increase your performance and productivity

Sue Begley facilitates our Account Management.  Sue has over 20 years’ experience in providing account management to organisations ranging from owner operators to SME's to large corporates.  Sue has a keen eye for detail and undertakes all projects with integrity and accuracy.


Grant Assist

Christine Thursby oversees our grant assist program.  Christine has been involved with securing external funding for over 20 years.  She has strong links with Government entities which enables her to gain current information and knowledge on the best program to help your business.

At SME Support we break down the requirements, source the information from your company and prepare the application for you, ensuring that the time commitment from your company is kept to an absolute minimum.


WHS Advisory Service

At SME Support we have specialists in the area of WHS that are highly qualified with many years’ experience in the areas of WHS and Risk Management. Malcolm, who oversees this area, has over 30 years’ experience in developing and supporting WHS systems for a wide range of industries.