Small - Medium Enterprise Business Support


In today’s complex regulatory environment, managing financial risk exposure has never been more important.  Many businesses get into trouble with their tax and superannuation responsibilities due to time constraints, poor record keeping or from not understanding what is required.  At SME Support we will take the worry out of your compliance.


We can accurately prepare your Business Activity Statement, whether you report on a cash or accrual basis, on a monthly or quarterly payment cycle. Our years of experience enables us to check the finer detail as well as compare the big picture to give you accurate lodgement details and to advise on any abnormalities.


Who needs this service and when 

All businesses with employees are required to calculate Pay-As-You-Go (often referred as PAYG) tax correctly and remit it at least quarterly and again at the end of the financial year, together with associated forms. 

Why you need this service 

It is important to complete your PAYG requirements correctly and on time. As with most other taxes, PAYG can be confusing when you consider the different tax rates. We offer this valuable service to take the headache away from you. 


At SME we can help you with your superannuation compliance by:

  • Preparation and lodgement of end of year superannuation returns
  • Your reports can be lodged to enable payment of superannuation monthly or quarterly.
  • Your information can be loaded into your superannuation funds as required.