Small - Medium Enterprise Business Support


In a business, payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions. In accounting, payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services they provided during a certain period of time.

When you are a small to medium business, keeping track of all the changes to payroll legislation is just another hassle that you don’t need. Your job is building your business, not processing pays! At SME Support we can handle all of your payroll needs.

Monthly/fortnightly or weekly payroll

You can choose how we record employee working times.

Some businesses may be satisfied with manually entering the time data for each employee, each pay period. Alternately, each employee could email in their hours, we will work with you on how to best manage the payment of your workers.

Assistance with timesheets

We work with you to help with all employee and job expenses.

We can help you capture billable time and job costs quickly and easily. We can help track reimbursable and job related expenses.

We can use your timesheets to help track your jobs workforce and assist you to stay within your staffing budget every week.