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WHS Advisory Service

At SME Support we have specialists in the area of WHS that are highly qualified with many years experience in the areas of WHS and Risk Management. Malcolm, who oversees this area, has over 30 years experience in developing and supporting WHS systems for a wide range of industries.

Emergency system development

Emergency Systems are required in all SME's to manage emergency situations which may arise, that put people involved with your business at personal risk. The complexity of the Emergency Management System depends largely on the size and complexity of the WHS risks associated with the business that you engage in and the environment in which it operates. At SME Support we are highly experienced in dealing with authorities and insurance compliance in providing suitable emergency plans and documented systems to meet their requirements.

Risk assessment

This is the most fundamental element of all WH&S law in Australia. Personnel at all levels of any SME need to understand and be involved in the WHS Risk Assessment process of developing a risk assessment

All SME's engage in practices and processes which can be said to be risky. Assessing and managing this risk is extremely important to maintaining a good and effective WHS system.

At SME Support we can assist you in all aspects of a risk assessment capability including developing and implementing assessments and training of employees at all levels.

WHS reporting

WHS reporting is a requirement of WHS Legislation in all States. Reporting includes hazard identification, risk assessment, injury reporting, workplace consultation and injury management. Persons responsible for conducting a business unit (PCBU) have responsibility under WHS legislation for all the above aspects of the WHS system in their business and to evaluate them to adequately control them they need to have an effective reporting system. At SME Support we can help you to ensure that your reporting system enables that PCBU do meet all of their responsibilities under the Act.

Hazard and Incident reporting

A comprehensive and effective hazard and incident reporting system is the nuts and bolts of any basic WHS system for a SME. Without this you are effectively non-compliant with WHS law and placing the PCBU (Person Conducting a Business Unit) under threat of prosecution. Not only can SME Support design an effective hazard and incident reporting system for you, we can also help you to manage your hazard and incident reporting system.

Development of WHS Policies

Whilst the harmonised WHS legislation throughout Australia is no longer new, many SME's have yet to address the incorporation of the newer requirements into their policies and procedures. In addition, organisations looking to attain WHS System Certification to self insured status need to have WHS policies which comply to all aspects of current legislation. At SME Support our WHS specialists are fully experienced in the design, documentation and application of WHS policies for SME's. We offer services from design, right up to implementation and certification.

AS4801 systems and compliance

WHS Management systems can range from simple documented systems which provide basic compliance, to WHS legislation on more complex systems which are required for doing business with larger organisation such as Government and multinationals. The most common certification systems used in Australia in the WHS area are AS4801 and ISO18001. At SME Support we can offer highly experienced assistance and advice in the design and implementation of these and other certification systems in your business.